Church School Staff

Ms. Shannon Taylor – Teacher

Ms. Taylor has worked in the HCRS for 5 years as a paraprofessional and teacher.  Ms. Taylor has been a part of the Flint school district for two years before taking a break from teaching, but is glad to return to her career in education.  She is working on adding further teaching certifications and working on her masters degree in Reading and Literacy.  She has one child that also attended the HCRS.  She loves teaching the multiple grades and subjects and sees the rural schools as a place all subjects can be connected and studied at the students own pace.  She also finds the rural schools provide a family and community centered environment that seeks to meet the individual students needs on a more one on one level.  Her favorite pass times are reading, baking, and traveling adventures. 

Marsha Cleland – Teacher

Mrs. Denise Crowe – Paraprofessional

Mrs. Crowe has worked in the HCRS for almost 10 years as a paraprofessional.  She has 4 children and 5 grandchildren.  Most of them have attended the HCRS.  She loves the family atmosphere that the country schools offer, as well as the ability to grow at your own pace.  Her favorite pass time is cooking and spending time with her family.